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Success Health Time & Money

Success Health Time & Money

One of the smartest and most prized possessions of an athlete, is his or her mental and emotional strength. Of course then what people see, is the physical strength.

Being a business owner requires the same level of mental and emotional strength, yet it’s often kept out of the equation for success,  business, time and money.

I’m an elite level athlete as well as business owner.  Partnering my two passions of business and health brings a whole new level of focus, clarity, satisfaction and energy to my clients.  Understanding the level of stress a business owner feels and the drive to grow and succeed must be matched by practices and habits that rejuvenate, refresh, reset and restore balance.

Health is not an option.

Would love to have a conversation with you.  I know you’re ready to apply and execute health in all areas of your life. Let’s see how that feeling and experience can become a more natural part of you- your business and personal life.

Monica Heiz

Lifestyle Advisor